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Astronomy Picture of the Day

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This is amazing project. I tried to get a picture of constellation of the my precious people’s birthday.


Espresso Book Machine

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Recently, On demand books released a device called Espresso Book Machine. It is targeting at speed, economical efficiency, minimal operation, removal of human’s physical intervention, and library quality in terms of the book production. Apparently, what this espresso machine was getting at is combining procedures at one place. Yes, they’ve done. We can delete our travel to each place who is in charge of printing, cutting, and binding as long as we can use this extraordinary gadget. It allows us to get a proper perfect bound book just sitting at one place in a minute. Definitely, it can be called Espresso machine. But still, it needs to be discussed with people who can’t really have financial supporting or fundraisers for whole process.

Yes, I know that having skeptical view is easiest thing in the world. And also I know that if we don’t make any improvement even though it is not still good enough, we can’t get any evolution. But if it is still so much related to financial problem, we can be allowed to speak different kind of view. Basically, what this device has done is bringing all gadgets in relation with process together in one place. It works if we need only one book or if we don’t need to produce over 500 hundred copies. But it doesn’t work when we need to produce a bunch of copies for public with small budget. So, espresso book machine can exist one individual, who can afford to have this one in his/her massive work room as it looks like that we need to pay a lot of money to buy this. 

Can we delete even more? If we give up a couple of things from whole process, I am pretty sure that lots of independent publishers might want to use that. Or, someone might want to delete computing process, which is DTP. I know that DTP process from these days is brilliant procedure we achieved. What about perfect binding? Perfect binding process requires a lot of electric power as it needs heating system for spine of books.  Can we be happy with black and white printing? I know that it would be distortion of information. But sometimes it works if we can deliver certain kind of contents to more people with small budget. 

242707This is initial state of spinning jenny before industry revolution and it is hand-operated. We need to rely on water flow or hand works instead of using electronic power. Still it is suspicious that we might be ok with hand operating. But it has relation with financing. One of the most problematic issues for independent publishers is getting people with money all the time. I think human can come up with a sort of new idea from initial stage of hand operated spinning machine or hand operated sewing machine for book producing process. And, that’s what I am getting at for the new academic year. I think it might be exciting. 

1. Hand Operated (or operating with small electronic power) 

2. Black and white printing for extraordinary simple DTP

3. Simplified binding process

4. Editing without computing process

Still I’ve got so much skeptical view on all of them. But it is definitely worth. Let’s say how amazing typewriter it was. It can be still good way to be cheaper in relation with publishing and also it was even aesthetically amazing. Sometimes outcomes from modern DTP processes with computer system seem to be wanting to have a look of typewriter’s works. Why do we need to re-play them? Why don’t we use typewriter itself instead of emulating? 

I’ve got a good subject, but technically it is so much questionable. To be honest, I am kind of a person who can be happy with technical worry. Even it would be works for an immature inventor(like a kid), the ideation with physics and numbers makes me stay away from all different kinds of issue related to human society, which I can’t really control anyway.

I don’t want to be in a virtual space at all.

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Why don’t we just do real tennis?

Why should we be happy with virtual ping-pong, playing a drum with people in virtual group sound around virtual you, or doing routine and following the choerography of a virtual performer? 

Should we be doing in the virtual space because it’s quite cold outside to play a football in the park next to my home? Without being with play station or wii, can’t we be gathered all together and enjoy a real hand ball or something like that?

I think I am quite athletic. I’m trying to go for a running once I have some free time in evening. Virtual tennis or ping-pong doesn’t make any sense to me. But I know, it is not truth that everyone is aware of beauty of exercise. But if they don’t want to play a real tennis, what’s the point of doing virtual tennis? Is that because it is amusing and also part of new media? Is it more playful? I kind of can found just only 2 reasons, which are laziness and real estate issue. We might haven’t got enough space to do or enough tennis court around us. Or, just we don’t really need to pay for the membership of the tennis court. But we can buy 3 month’s of membership for the normal gym or whatsoever I guess.

I didn’t explain why I was drawing those things when I was a kid.

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Now it’s been a couple of days since I started to get really exhausted by house hunting , upcoming show, freelancing work and exam. It should be ok but I need to flee away soon from all of these occasions.

I want some of drawings which is not related to my work but just for chilling out. Would be nice to buy such a small canvas and a couple of colors of paints. I had done since when I was 4 yrs old and it was kind of drawing school for small kids. Teachers were so bad. They weren’t friendly and I don’t think they knew how to deal with small kids who like to grab brushes or pens.

My mum had noticed that I wanted to draw something in TV when I was watching at. The first thing my mum noticed was when I illustrated a base ball player. I remember that what I was drawing normally and it was unusual stuffs around me but usual things in my mind. A fish, which I’d never seen on earth, someone’s face who I don’t really know about, or some sort of birds living in somewhere I never been, sorts of like that. 

But I was happy with that no one really asked me why I chose those things. “Why did you draw a bird having 4 wings? Why did you do this? What does this mean in your landscape? ” I never had been told that I have to give an answers of those questions and it made me draw whatever I feel. 

But I can remind one occasion. It happened one day at 5 yrs old in same kids school. I was asked what kind of situation did I draw and I remember the drawing exactly. It was that an fisherman is picking up a fish in a market. It annoyed 5yrs old me. I guess that I might have thought like picture is talking to you, then you need to look at and can get to know what is happening in the drawing. And I knew he didn’t mean that he kinds of want to listen what all that means but I must be able to present what it is. So to speak, apart from that he had seen my work(drawing), he might want to see how I present. If it is embarassing to make me a presenter, am I irresponsible? Anyway He liked my drawing and wanted to know why I did that but I couldn’t explain well next to a bunch of kids. 

(Apart from that, if he wanted to see how I present my stuffs, it would be amazing. Is that really normal indeed to educate way of presenting what we did in kids school? If we would say yes, it is too much for me. We must be having more space to do whatever we want to even it is a bit of less responsibility. That’s the seed of all kinds of potentiality and talents to make world evolved anyway.)  

It might have predicted I can’t be a good presenter anyway. However, I was happy that I don’t need to be responsible for what I would draw. As I need to be responsible for whatever I draw or make worked it out visually, I am not happy with that these days. It just make me stop drawing like making me shut up with such a difficult condition, which I can’t get over.

Is that useless to draw something I can’t really explain or can’t be spoken what it is by public? 

– It’s not that useless but if we kind of need to draw something for public, we need to be responsible. 

Do we only need to do something really and technically useful for my life? 

– Drawing useless might be spoken as it is supposed to be useless. 

Then I definitely choose not to survive any more. 

I don’t agree that everything must be able to be explained as we can’t really figured out how loves in between us work. 


+By the way, I’ve got that picture above from somewhere in internet and it pretends to be a kid’s drawing but it isn’t. Kids are not pressured to have a proper sketch plan and it gives so much more of talents. 

Wouldn’t new media be an answer for better communication?

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I know one food brand who is using names like what we are eating is yourself. I would like to ask what we knows, what we are reading, what we are listening, and what we use to speak is genuinely ourself. If it is, I would say it’s been shame.

I’ve been thinking and also keen on asking this since I had have a question about limits of language. Technically, language is a kind problomatic solution to communicate. I mean, language is information contatiner and also it needs to have another information container to transmit on. So to speak, the tools we are using to convey what we want to say has a bunch of holes around it. And what I can use to say is not at all about what I know. If there is someone who might say that, he/she needs to talk with socrates. I kind of like him as he doesn’t agree with perfection of language mechanic.

I’m working on the way how we can make revolution on newspaper these days. New media might needs to be integrated to make progress. It has been started from the point I hate, which is being controlled by strong image sorted by administrator. Wouldn’t new media be able to have suggestion to make that better? Also wondering about what is all about being better in terms of information container or on/offline newspaper we have been watching.

I might need to begin with what kind of observer I want to be. It would be an one of the answers, perhaps.

Western Spaghetti by PES Film

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acoustic memory, or memory of smell

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I was in sound seminar this evening and it made me realized that I haven’t got sorts of acoustic memory in terms of certain groups of people or situation. Yes, of course it doesn’t mean I am completely empty. I had been playing an instrumental in school band since 17yrs old and it kept going until when I finished my BA, which means, I’ve got so much memory about certain circumstance, specially with music. Music is not just general accumulation or constellation of different kinds of sounds. It must be planned or designed, and each debris of sound should be allocated by someone who wants to control them. So to speak, it would be supported by purpose. I mean, I can play a song with listening it, but I can’t really memorize and remind of just sounds around me. It means that I can remind key or code, which is designed to be there, but I can’t bring any kinds of sound if it wasn’t placed on certain level with planning. (Improvising is also different kinds of planning i guess.) But, the things is, I can’t remember our sounds we played millions of times but original song as the band I’ve been in is copy band. That must be why we just stayed on copy band. If we could be more brilliant to bring new things on, we wouldn’t be copy other people’s music.

By the way, the strong point of acoustic memory is amazingly powerful. It can bring us to somewhere we want to be. I was trying to remember any kinds of sounds with certain people, but I couldn’t. Perhaps, I’d tried to get rid of that. 

Apart from that, I can remind smell even I haven’t got any clue or talent to get involved with it. I remember the smell of the place I was keen on or people. The most memorable smell I’ve got currently is the smell of one studio in Seoul. It was packed with passion and all kinds of fever as it was dance studio.

Making maps with a typewriter

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This is obviously brilliant and having some sort of clue with my stuff for work in progress show. 

Actually I am waiting for a typewriter from Laura in germany -btw she is Ann's sister-, 

for the project with Ann Simon. 


September 12, 2007 by John Krygier


Making Maps with a Typewriter

September 12, 2007 by John Krygier


Map-making has often adapted technologies designed for purposes other than making maps.

I recall Scitex hardware as the state-of-the-art in large format color computer mapping in the early 1980s when I was first learning cartography. Cartography applications were developed when Scitex, its origins in designing and printing textiles, noticed “the similarity between printing large fabric surfaces and coloring topographic surfaces.” (PDF source).

Step back a few generations and we find the then ubiquitous typewriter adapted to making maps by DIY cartographers.



It is not difficult to find old DIY maps that used a typewriter to create type, like this 1950s map (below) of Camp Tonkawa in east Texas (source). This is a sketch map that was run through a typewriter for typographic annotations:


A more sophisticated DIY approach to typing maps was detailed by R. A. Daly in the March 1905 issue of the American Journal of Science. Daly describes a typewriter with special characters – examples shown in the graphic which heads this posting – for creating area patterns on maps:

It is safe to say that the majority of persons are seriously hampered in the preparation of text illustrations by the difficulty and expense entailed in the tedious drawing of map, section or diagram. Yet the desirability of greatly increasing the proportion of such illustrations in the thousands of scientific articles published each year is manifest. That clearness, precision and conciseness in the exposition of a theme are generally enhanced by the use of abundant, appropriate diagrams and maps is as evident as that the blackboard is the constant friend of the teacher.

Ideally, the author should himself be able to make the original drawing quickly, neatly and artistically. The usual execution of drawing with the pen is, to the average author, discouragingly slow and expensive, not always neat, and still less often artistic. The following note relates to some experiments made to increase rapidity and neatness in the production of line drawings by the use of a machine. Enough success has been attained to warrant the recommendation of the machine method to geologists, geographers, and others.

Recently the Hammond Typewriter Company of New York has constructed, for the Geological Survey Department of Canada, a typewriter provided with a carbon ribbon and with ninety special characters designed for the preparation of line drawings to accompany geological and geographical papers.


It is to be understood, of course, in the preparation of a diagram that an outline drawing is first prepared, and that the spaces thus formed are filled with the symbols shown in the legends, by means of the machine.

The earliest printed computer maps, such as the map below created with SYMAPsoftware in the mid-1960s, used a line printer. Line printers were, more or less, a typewriter adapted to printing from a computer.

Computer output, on monitors and printers, was limited to typical typewriter characters – letters, numbers, and symbols such as + or = or %. These limited symbols could be used to create area patterns on maps. A modification of the line printer hardware allowed the overprinting of characters, the darkest being overprinted OXAV ranging down to a “-” for the lightest area pattern. The table below provides the overprint line printer symbols for a nine step range of grey tones:


The output was actually less sophisticated than the output from the 1905 map typewriter given the limited symbology of the line printer:


A recent book by Nick Chrisman called Charting the Unknown (ESRI Press, 2006) documents the early history of computer mapping and GIS at Harvard University’s Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis, including the SYMAP software which produced the above map.

• • •

Source of above quotes: “Machine-Made Line Drawings for the Illustration of Scientific Papers” by R. A. Daly. American Journal of Science, March 1905.

Source of Line Printer Symbols table: R. Mould and C. Wyld, “A comparison between line printer and conventional Polaroid gamma camera displays using a liver phantom. Off-line computer and contour mapping package.” Physics in Medicine and Biology,18:1, January 1973, p. 88-99.



old pop – korean

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It’s been 10 yrs. Lots of repetition, the first part of the lyrics is same with second, never being any sad, just cheerful G major, never getting code complicated, pathetic visual but never means any serious, which is good. why does everything have to be well done? i think it’s already super goodie. 

it says that just walk away when you get depressed. that’s what i need today. easy easy. goodie goodie.


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